Reciprocal Club

The Harvard Club of Boston Downtown Clubhouse

Facility Description

This club has two facilities. The Main Clubhouse is located at the intersection of Commonwealth and Massachusetts Avenues in the Back Bay, while the Downtown Clubhouse is on the 38th floor of One Federal Street in the financial district. The main club offers formal and informal dining, overnight accommodations, squash courts and a fitness center and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday as well as Sunday brunch. The downtown club offers dining facilities only and offers breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. Both locations have private meeting rooms. Formal and informal dining is available. Coat and tie required in the formal dining room. Charges are billed to the Governors Club.

Facility Contact Information

Phone Number (617)-542-2070

Fax Number (617)-426-2684

Contact Email: [email protected]

Physical Address Get Directions

Address One Federal Street, 38th Floor

City Boston

State MA

Zip Code 02110

Country US