Thank you for choosing the Governors Club for your event. We look forward to assisting you in every way possible to ensure that we provide the perfect setting for your special occasion.
The following information is provided to assist you in your arrangements.

General Menu Rules

  • A la carte dining is available for parties of 12 or under.
  • A Clubhouse Menu has been developed for a party of 13-22, allowing several choices for your guests to choose from.
  • Set menus are required for any party over 22. If you wish to provide your guests with menu choices, we ask that you follow these guidelines.
  • You may offer the maximum of three (3) items for the entrée with the same first and dessert course for the entire party.
  • Pre-counts must be provided for all courses by the host a minimum of 72 (weekday) hours prior to the event via excel spreadsheet. Place cards will be prepared by the Club with your guest names and their selection.
  • All food and beverage must be purchased through the Club. Due to availability of certain food and beverage items, prices cannot be guaranteed more than 90 days in advance of the scheduled function.
  • All food and beverage must be consumed on the premises. It is not possible for any food or beverage to leave the Club’s premises which includes Receptions and Buffets.
  • Final Menu Selections and Details for all events must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the event. During Holidays and Legislative we ask to have menus and details completed 30 days in advance when possible.

Private Dining Rooms

  • The Club assumes no responsibility for any personal article brought into the premises.
    If items are brought into the Club, please have a designated person in your party responsible for retrieving them at the end of the function.
  • Should you be shipping boxes for your event, they must be addressed to the attention of Nicole Okken and marked with the name and date of your event. Due to limited storage items that remain at The Governors Club for more than 3 days following your event will become property of the Club and will be disposed of. We will be happy to assist you with any shipping or receiving you may need.
  • The Governors Club is a private Club operated for the benefit of its Members only. Ticket sales, mail solicitation of ticket sale, or media advertising for events is prohibited and such use can result in cancellation of the function.
  • No exchanges of cash are permitted on Club premises.
  • No fundraisers or receptions are allowed in the GC Cigar Lounge during Legislative Session and Legislative Committee weeks. Fundraiser Packages are available on the 2nd and 3rd Floor Private Rooms from 2:00pm-6:30pm.
  • Fundraising in common areas of the Club is strictly prohibited and enforced.
  • Room Rental/ Set-Up Fees– All Room Rental and Set-Up Fees are subject to 7.5% Sales Tax. Function Rooms are assigned based on the number of guests anticipated. We realize there may be additions and changes to your final event prior to the actual start of your event. Every effort will be made to accommodate any additional space requirements; however, requests will be subject to space availability and prevailing rental charges. The Governors Club reserves the right to reassign function space as deemed appropriate based on final guarantee numbers for a specific event.
  • Function rooms are available during the time periods indicated on the event order. Times prior to and following your scheduled event may be scheduled for other events. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping to your schedule. The Governors Club must approve any changes to the contracted schedule.
  • A $150 reset fee will apply to any event set up changes within 48 hours prior to the start of the event
    Banquet Corkage Fee is $15.00 per bottle opened.

Guarantees and Cancellations

  • All functions require a signed contract and event order that must be signed and returned within 10 days of requested reservation for definite status. In the event a fully signed contract and event order is not received within 10 days, all space referred to in event order will be released and neither party will be further obligated under this agreement.
  • All changes, additions, deletions, or stipulations including corrective lining out by either the Club or Member will not be considered agreed to or binding to the other unless such modifications have been initialed or otherwise approved in writing to the other.
  • A final guarantee is required for any private party. It is the host’s responsibility to give the Catering Director the guaranteed count 48 hours (weekday) prior to the function. Final event orders will be sent to the Member and will require a final signature.
  • Event orders serve has the recipe for your event and are used to express your event requirements and details to our culinary and operational teams. Please review your final event orders in detail to ensure that all requested changes have been made and that all your details requested are noted.
  • Charges for food are based on the guarantee or the actual number attending, whichever is greater. If the guarantee is not called within 48 hours, the number expected will become the guarantee and we will prepare accordingly.
  • A la carte or Clubhouse Menu parties will be a charged a no show fee, ($10 per person —lunch,
    $15 per person—dinner) if the actual attendance falls below the guarantee. (Plus room rental, tax, service charge and any preselected food items)
  • All event checks must be signed by the person in charge or an authorized representative at the completion of each event. Any discrepancies in charges should be identified and resolved at that time.
  • Cancellation of set menu events or functions must be made more than 72 hours prior to the function to not incur charges. Functions canceled within 72 hours will be charged 100% of the anticipated event changes.
    (This policy does not apply to larger specialty functions, which have a different cancellation policy listed below.)
  • Holiday, Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners and all Sponsored Events require a non-refundable $1,000 deposit to secure the desired date. In the event of any cancellations 90 days prior to event, the Club will retain the $1,000 deposit.
  • Cancellations within 90 days of booked event are liable for 50% of anticipated food, beverage, room rental and the $1,000 deposit.
  • Cancellations within 30 days of booked event are liable for 100% of anticipated food, beverage, room rental, and the $1,000 deposit.